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1: whats yer name? Ken.
2: yeah ok, you can shut up now. if you could change it what would it be? Um...o_o;
3: d.o.b? 03.17
4: how bad is your driving license picture? I don't drive.
5: where's yer house? Where it should be.

6: whats yer fave musical act? Nittle Grasper.
7: how many cds do you have? A few.
8: pick ONE (and ONE ONLY) song quote: The cat that chases the illusive firefly...
9: pick a funny relationship related song quote and put it here: ...
10: what was the first concert you went to? Nittle Grasper.
11: last song you heard: I don't remember. Its been a while.
12: c.d. you own you're most embarrassed of: I'd rather not say...
13: funniest /coolest c.d. you own: ^_^ ASK!
14: lamest boyband: ...?

15: when was the last time you brushed your hair? Anou...I think last night...@_@
16: took a shower? Last night.
17: flossed? a while ago...o_o;
18: what color's yer toothbrush? red
19: bathe with a washcloth or sponge? Washcloth
20: soap brand: Soap.
21: what's yer deoderant smell like? what kind of questions are these?

22: what'd you get on your report card? I don't remember.
23: ever cheated? no ._.
24: ever won a spelling bee? Ahhh...I'm not that good at spelling.
25: how about a geography bee? Er, no.
26: okay smartypants, what's your GPA for highschool? I don't was a while ago.
27: ever nearly or fully given a teacher a mental breakdown? I hope not...

28: the movie / book "The Virgin Suicides?" ....
29: timothy mcveigh? ...?
30: chocolate mousse? Its good.
31: prochoice or antichoice?
33: mousse? They're big...
34: the fact that if you put coca-cola in a toilet bowl that in 45 minutes the bowl would be free-of-stains? Really? How interesting.

35: fought with someone?: No...but I hear MA KUN did something rather like that.
36: cried?: hai....
37: cussed out someone?: No O.o;
38: hugged someone?: No ._.
39: kissed someone?: NO ;_;
40: helped someone?: No
41: yelled at someone?: Not really...
42: dissed someone behind their backs?: I don't think so...
43: made weekend plans?: Visit Ma-kun
44: called someone?: I tried calling Ma-kun...
45: had an intimate conversation?: about NO.
46: harrassed someone for something?: ._. From what I read of what I wrote in my drunken stupor, sadly yes.
47: called a foreign country? Who would I call...?

48: when was the last time you felt pain? When I was hungover.
49: last movie you saw that you thought was stupid: Anou....@_@
50: first 3 digits of your phone number: 317
51: last 4 digits of your phone number: 7734
52: Haha you loser, do you realise you just gave me your #? not if you look at it upside down...x.x
53: what's your fave prank call? I don't know...
54: you know those one picture comics? describe yer fave: what?
55: what do you want to be when you grow up besides a toys r us kid?: What's a Toys R Us?
56: last thing you wondered: What the hell was Ma-kun thinking?
57: do you know how to do any boyband dances?: Er...
58: what was your 3rd grade teacher's name? o_o;
59: what about 5th grade? O_O;
60: what'd you have for dinner?
61: the last thing I begged for was: ...
62: do you alphabetize your cds? Er...why would I?
63: last curseword you used and why: I don't remember...
64: last sad thing you saw: Tachi's pretty jacket after I was done... ._.;
65: what's the number for blockbuster video? Block what?
66: do you own a pair of doc martens? Why would I have a pair of Doctors?
67: what you order at mcdonalds: food
68: how many foreign countries have you been to?: None.
69: ever donated to a charity? Hai.
70: fave breakfast cereal: Food.
71: when people send you these do you actually *read* them, or just fill them out, both or neither? no one ever sends me these ._.
72: stuffing envelopes for $12 an hour, 40 hours a week or entertainment supervisor at a concert with $50 a show and 2 shows a week: 12x40= 480 50x2=100 Right now, stuffing envelopes. x.x Money is getting pretty tight.
73: any instruments you play?: Keyboards!
74: what's yer daddy / mommy do?: ...
75: whatcha wearing, you sexy thang you: Anou...Please don't call me that. Pants and a shirt.

76: time you ate pizza? A while ago.
77: person you called: Ma-kun
78: thing you said: Anou...
79: "pop" group you listened to: ...
80: "rock/rap/alternative" group you listened to: ...
81: time you killed a bug: a few days ago

82: do you think the person who sent you this is superly beyond belief cool? No one sent it to me ._.
83: person you'd most like to send this to and get a reply back but know it won't happen: Tachi
84: add yer own question below, fill it out and send it along: okay....
85. Ever been in love (not stupid crush love but honest real love): .... -_-;
86: song that gets stuck in your head most frequently: Predeliction
87: do you have to attend summer school? ...I don't go to school
88: don't you think shar [OO3 true destiny :D] is so awesome?: ...what?
89. don't you hate the idea of adding questions to a survey? Not really, it gives me something to do.
90. if u were named after a donut what kind would u be? The Donut
91. how many licks does it take to get to the center of the uh uh uhhh? ...what?
92. Am I in a bad mood?: are you?
93. When's the last time you ate a cup of blue jello? Anou...I don't think I ever have.
94. Don't you LOVE gravitation: Um.....o.o; what?
95: What the hell was Ma-kun thinking?: I don't know, but answer your phone.

>.< Ma-kun. I shall be having words with you later.
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